Welcome to Guide to the Human Genome

Welcome to Guide to the Human Genome. The origin of the Guide was the idea that human biology could be presented via the human genome, but the information to make the required connections was simply too hard to find. My hope is that the Guide will provide many of these connections and bioinformatics can be moved to the background. In the end, genomics is just biology.

The Guide has been in development for several years. I hope its hybrid
textbook-database structure helps you find the information you are seeking much as it helps me track what I have already done.

During the online Guide‘s testing period, observing how people use it has led me to wonder why the table of contents of a book is in the front and the index is in the back. The online Guide replaces the index with three search functions: text, genes, and sequences. Combined with a conventional detailed contents list, these entry points are designed to make it easy to get started exploring the human genome.

The Guide is being launched at a time when the human genome sequence and its annotation are considerably more stable than when I began its creation. As a result, my recent focus has been less on genomics and more on connecting the genome to biology. The Guide has a broad scope but I am aware that certain topics of particular interest to me are covered in greater detail. I plan to expand the areas of human biology covered at this level of detail and input from readers will be very helpful in accomplishing this goal.

Any work presenting tens of thousands of pieces of information will contain some errors or omissions. I would appreciate your taking the time to provide feedback, through the comments function below, that would be of great help in improving the Guide.


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